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Stupid Livejournal

So although I don't post much on LJ I go on it every other day to see what's going on. Unfortuanalty LJ has desided to fuck up and not show me all the posts unless i actually look for them :(

Big hugs to everyone!!!!

Amazon fail

Greetings from Amazon.co.uk,

Customers who have purchased or rated Gothic & Lolita Bible: v. 5 (Gothic & Lolita Bible (Unnumbered)) might like to know that Gothic Lolitas: How to Draw Manga Step by Step is now available. You can order yours for just £6.39 (29% off the RRP) by following the link below.
Gothic Lolitas: How to Draw Manga Step by Step Gothic Lolitas: How to Draw Manga Step by Step
Sergio Guinot
RRP: £8.99
Price: £6.39
You Save: £2.60 (29%)

Add to Cart

Gothic Lolitas began as a phenomenon in Japan in the late 90s, and their image as Victorian-era cleaning ladies has since expanded within the world of manga. This title reveals how to tackle the creation of this character.

And know we know ;)

Random dress

What do people think of this dress???

Why yes my student loan id finally comming in, why do you ask? ;)

What a fantastic two weeks!

I'm having a good time at the moment. No bitchy people, no lack of internet, I'm now living in London. It's all going good!

Freshers week was good if not just because of Wednesday night which was the night we went to http://www.medievalbanquet.com/ which was fantastic (the unlimited wine helped). I didn't go out much other than that but still managed to get drunk once or twice and say some amazingly stupid things that luckally only I can remember saying them. But all in all a good week.

It ended witrh Hyper Japan and Megan (my sister for those who haven't met her) coming to stay for the week-end. We where ment to go on Saturday and Sunday but the person who was ment to forward ticket resavations for Saturday never did so we just when on Sunday which was good but we had to leave early as Meg had to get home and she left her stuff in my room. I've got lots of pictures but no way of putting them on my laptop at the moment so you may have to wait untill November when I go home.

Lectures started on Monday morning with Mr Peter Vardy crawling around on the floor in phlio of religion. I think I'm going to like his lectures :) plus there only an hour long instead of the standerd two hours. Then I had B&P Christany with the lovley Damion Howard which was very basic but ended with having to watch a four hour video and produce an essay of it. Not to bad if it wasn't the first day :P. I watched the video today and am still trying to work out how I'm only ment to write 1000 words on such a big topic. I'm sure i'll work it out :)

I also had B%P Islam today which again was just the basics and again ended in a book review being set. Day in the Libery tomorrow me thinks.

All in all things are going well other than having freshers flu' but I'm mostly recoved from that now. The big question is how long will this last?



So I've finally moved to London and mostly unpacked. It's all good apart from the hospital green walls and plastic orange floor, :P design fail. I do have a epic view out of my window. I'm just glad I'm not on the other side of the building or my view would be of the central line which is far to load but i'll get use to it :) If anyone would like to meet up let me know!

I'm home!

For now.

So for those who don't know I've been working at a youth hostel in Devon which had a serious lack of internet, tv and phone signal. Yay isolation. It wasn't that bad really and I met a lot of intresting people and made some money. Most of which has gone on my red shiny new laptop :) which is perfect for uni! London here I come. Only 2 weeks to go, I'll be epic!

I've looked back through a lot of posts and most of peoples journals ect. Big hugs to everyone out there wheater they are having a good time or a bad time at the moment.

Writer's Block: A rose by any other name

Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

As most of you know I have a bit of an odd name, thanks to my mummy but I don't think I would change it for anything. It's too intresting and a fantastic convosation starter.

Funny story time
My sisters middle name is rowanna however for some reason on one form she recived it had it written as rowanda :O I wonder what sort of person my mum must have been giving a kid a middle name like that. for those who don't know Rwanda has received considerable international attention due to its 1994 genocide, in which an estimated 800,000 people were killed. Oddly my sister was bron in 1993 so a year before, but still odd.


So today is a good day, so far.
I've been to the 2nd hand book shop this morning. 8 books for £14, love it! I now have:
Each peach pear plum -I loved this book as a kid!
Asterix in Spain
Asterix and the secret weapon.
The book of strange.
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix -my copy has gone walkies
The first three of the chalet school series.

Also carrot cake for breakfast and getting on with mommy dearest!


I haven't been on the website for a while but I was bored so i had a quick look and have now fell in love with the garden one piece http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/onepiece/134305.html and the Alice and the pirates Back ribbon jumper skirt http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/106P201.html They would never fit and I have no money but I can dream can't I?

I had to share this one :)

ONLY 2 TEA SANDWICHES?? Careful, you'll give me the vapors.

From E-hell http://www.etiquettehell.com/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=bac49fc18fbe7ebee629c04a6d96ead5&topic=26832.0

There is a lady whom we shall call "Jean," that often hosts tea. She uses fine china for the tea, but for the utensils and water glasses she uses plastic! There are regularly 15 to 30 guests at the tea, but she insists on making the tea sandwiches herself. (So many wealthy people these days are complete cheapskates). Jean is notoriously sparing in the making of her sandwiches, both in the sandwich mixture and quantity of them. Etiquette holds invariably that you should have 6 tea sandwiches per person. (By "tea sandwich" we mean the individual triangle quarters cut from a regular-sized sandwich). She has never served more than 3! Lately she has just been serving 2 tea sandwiches per person! At one tea party she had to have the sandwiches made locally because she didn't have time to make them herself. All of the guests commented on how good the sandwiches were this time. I thought maybe Jean would be a bit embarrassed and take a hint. But Jean had the nerve to say "Oh no, these are horrible. You should taste mine!" She later confided she would *NEVER* have them made out again.

Afternoon tea is traditionally a three course event, consisting of tea sandwiches, scones, and dessert. Jean, of course, considers the scones as dessert. But she never has clotted cream for the scones, a common staple of any traditional tea - especially if you are leaving out a course. At one of her first teas that I attended, she did announce that she would serve "a chocolate mint to refresh yourself," which I took to mean some kind of dessert - but no. Not mints plural, but A mint. Not a large chocolate mint patty, but an individually wrapped chocolate mint like you might find on your pillow at a hotel or on a cruise. Many of the guests held back their laughter and gasps of astonishment when they were served. "Ooh, a mint!"

And yet, if you were to even suggest having tea sandwiches without the crust cut off, she would practically faint at the thought of it detracting from the elegance she believes her teas portray.

Having tea in America is so difficult as it is, because the social etiquette and rules of the event must be studied by us, since we did not learn them firsthand. It's alright if guests don't know that the spoon should be placed on your saucer and not on the table and such other minutiae. But to have a host so clueless, cheap, and tacky - why even bother hosting a tea?

And remember the tacky plastic water cups and utensils? Unbeknownst to the guests, Jean collects them afterwards and washes them for use at her next tea party!!!! She also reuses the butter that's been left out on the tables for hours.


What kind of women continue to accept invitations to a function they deem to be tacky? Either go and accept the hospitality graciously or decline the invitation. For heaven's sake, it's hard enough to get people willing to entertain people and I'm not about to toss a hostess into Etiquette Hell because some guests have delicately snobbish sensitivities. I don't see the storyteller stepping up to host her rendition of a proper afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea is usually a three course affair but it doesn't have to be. A wedge of cake or cookies are just as acceptable. Here's two very good web pages on the etiquette of Afternoon Tea I think everyone will enjoy.