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Tea party club!

As most of you proberly already know I'm now Co-mod for TPC so I'm posting this for all the people who are looking me up wondering who am I?

Simple, I'm Scarlet, 18 and live somewhere in the midlands ;) I love Loli and goth stuff and never turn down a cup of tea... or free mince pies but that's another story. I'm a little mad, but in a good way, I hope and also very friendly. I also tend to get lost, alot. However I'm getting use to London so if anyone needs help on the tubes feel free to ask, most other places I just print off maps. I always get the train to places so will often be found at the train station before a meet. I think that's all. So Hello and hope to see you all soon!

Quote of the day: "You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour."
Jim Rohn

Or has a sibling...

The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch

No quote

just sleep,

two tomorrow if i remember.

Why no, no i don't.

Do you want to help put the homelessness out of there misery?

Yes this is real, It's on posters all around my school. I think some little year 7 made them, or atleast I hope so. I donn't think they re read it after typing as I don't think it's ment to meen that way :)

I'm totally quiting stonnall players after the panto, coutumes are cool but some of the people are just idots. They are niice and all but would it kill them to get there lines right for a change? I knnow this is going to sound stupid but I like to get things done proberly and this is not happening, just making me stress :( not good. It's a shame as I like most of the people there, I just find them annoying aswell.


Cooking mama, mama kills animals


Distubing or hilarious? You decide!

Warning may make you feel ill :P

Raant and quote of the day.

Have you ever met a group of girls who can not stfu and you just want to smash there giggly faces together.

Ok that's a little extrem but seriously just because I'm a similar age as them does not meen I want anything to do with them! They just waste time at panto rehursals, and because I'm in the kids group ( I 18 you *****, or have you forgoten that?) I'm stuck with them. I actually can't wait till the pantomiine ends just so I can get away from them. Godness knows what I'll end up doing to them in the summer show. If I did tell them to shut up would it be worth it? They bitch about me anyway so I don't think it'll make any differance.

I remember in 6th grade being told that our computers would be blocking "ancient egypt" because it apparently brought up a porn site. Oh the strange world we live in.


My school blocks any page with the word Lotia, luckally the computer doesn't uderstand japanese so I just put the web-sites on a translater and they work ;)